Moulding Our Woodlands

Video courtesy of Dom Bush, Land & Sky Media

June 2013
Just Wood – compressed greenwood shavings

Royal College of Art – MA Design Products

This is a research project during my final year studying Design Products at the Royal College of Art.  I took the opportunity to explore my chosen material, possibly far deeper than any other experience would allow me.

For nine months I based myself in a 45 acre woodland, North Cumbria, consisting mainly of British hardwoods.  This woodland represents only 0.0028% of the 649,000 hectares of unmanaged woodland in England today.

I set myself a complex economic challenge of creating a sustainable and commercial process for this previously vital National resource.

By researching the diverse and historic ways we have met our daily needs from woodlands, I crafted an on-site process that brings local greenwood back into contemporary relevance, making it ecological, economical and flexible.

To demonstrate the key attributes of this moulding process I designed a table leg.  This everyday component was chosen as it must be made similar everytime, it must be strong and the process should generate numerous components within a reasonable length of time.

Potential applications for this process goes much further than my table leg, as the material is strong, polymer free and bio degradable.  It uses parts of the tree that would otherwise be unusable and the process generates uniformed parts in an economic time frame.

Special thank you to
David Watson – Blacksmith at Moorforge, Gilcrux
Owen Jones – Swill Basket Weaver, Coniston
Jan Walker – Archeologist and woodland owner, Mealsgate
Ben Wyand
Chris Cutts


Just Wood Table