Born and raised in and around London, Pippa studied Interior Architecture at Chelsea School of Art, and gained her Masters in Design Products at the Royal College of Art.  She took her design background to the Lake District where she honed her craft shadowing other craftsmen.

"From the moment I started to work and understand wood, I got a whole new appreciation for it. It’s natural, and it’s alive. It will move, warp and twist, and if you can read it properly you can use that to your advantage. Taking decades to grow enough to be used for furniture, the grains of trees are time capsules, recording the environment around them. The colours, markings, knots, defects: they all create a unique beauty, that differs from tree to tree. It ages beautifully, with every mark adding to its story, and enhancing its patina. And at the end of the day, it can be burnt or decomposed, and so return itself to earth."