Raise a glass to Mr & Mrs. Murray

I told myself I wouldn't cry, but when you attend the most the beautiful wedding of a very special couple indeed, it's hard to compose yourself. Emma and Oli have pulled an incredible event together in only 4 months, and if you were there, you'd know how impressive that is.  The attention to detail and immaculate organisation was flawless.  No cliché here; it was the most beautiful wedding ever!  What a shame it came and went in a flash.

Sitting back home in the North Lakes and piecing together the memories and photos, I realise I have been in a World of Weddings.  A few months ago the couple took me out for an innocent Dim Sum dinner in London.  Little did I know it was bribery.  I left sleepy and full of dumplings, with my head full of wedding plans and promises of church readings and to create the seating plan for their reception.

The brief was simple, 9 tables will be named after the destinations of their European roadtrip honeymoon.  There will be around 180 guests.

I wanted to create something unique that would provide mementos to the guests and a keepsake wedding present to the Bride and Groom.

Many ideas came and went, including an 8 sided revolving picture frame.  Eventually these blocks of wood, which reveal the table names, came about.  They were created in 6 types of Cumbrian wood, each one with a contrasting Sycamore centre, dovetailed in to slide across.  The names were lasercut into each one, fingers were crossed that there weren't any spelling mistakes!

The blocks were for the guests, but as they are removed they could be revealing something underneath too.  It was decided the blocks could be contained in the wedding gift.  Two frames; one Oak containing a subtle Oak leaf relief, and one Sycamore containing a Sycamore leaf relief.

I was honoured by so many people taking them home.  Unfortunately the contrast of humidity between Cumbria and Gloucester during this crazy summer of ours affected the fit a little too much for my perfectionism, but overall I'm thrilled with how it turned out.  The 'making-of' to be blogged soon.