2Hour Stool redefined

The first 2hour Stool design didn't quite hit the mark, so I smashed out a new prototype which had a few dimensions changed, joints revised and techniques practiced. Spoke-shaving the bevel by hand may mean I have a 4hour stool (at least), oh well, I'm so chuffed with how its turned out. The biggest difference has been the stunning off-cuts found in the machine room. A pretty rare 15" wide Wych Elm board sat smiling at me, and it's different grain direction has really added something special to it. Coupled up with the bit of Ash found in the same pile, for the legs, its the prettiest prototype I've ever made. While machining the Ash, its grain got more and more beautiful, and then cutting it to shape and planing, the ripples just shine. A poor mans Sycamore, lovely.

I've also included a few oiling pics, purely because I always get a kick from the deep, rich change of colour and reflection in the wood on the first coat. The camera really doesn't do it any justice.

Next is to make up some time saving jigs, set up some batch manufacturing and practice the hand skills, then, ta-dah, pips stool.

Stool no.1
Happy oiling Elm
Second Prototype